“I have the simplest of tastes; I am always satisfied with the best.” Oscar Wilde, Irish Playwright

I am looking for the “best”. The best planners and coordinators, the best venues, the best caterers, the best photographers, the best bands and DJs, the best bartenders, the best bakers… the best, the very best!  I have been fortunate to work among and along side of the best. Bringing the “A Team” is a type of event insurance. When friendly familiarity and great energy combines, a seamless event unfolds.

There is a benefit to having “been there and done that” – not to repeat or provide a cookie cutter version of the same, but rather to take it to another level, with a twist and turn to keep it forever fresh and exciting. While I have made countless bouquets featuring the classic and timeless beauty of roses, I’ve never designed two identical. Each owed it’s individual uniqueness and breath-taking beauty. And, there shall not be another wedding like yours… do your research and choose your vendors from the top shelf. This is a situation where you can expect to get what you pay for. Happy planning!

Keeping it light & bright, fun & fabulous!

P.S. “Best of brides” please step forward!  Some dates still available for 2019 and pre-booking 2020.