“With your love as vast as the sea, your engagement was just meant to be”…

More on Planning Etiquette: Engagement Parties!

"Love is here to stay." Can you have more than one engagement party? Absolutely! Especially in these days of limited travel and smaller gatherings, more intimate events make perfect sense. "We can't imagine a more perfect pair. And a greater love, no two people share." As a general practice, engagement [...]

Parting from Tradition

#tradition #etiquette I personally have never been one for repeating habits just for the sake of tradition. To me, etiquette is not about doing things because "it's always been done like that". I think good behavior is about basing your words and actions on three key principles: consideration, honesty and [...]

Flowers, loveliness and weddings!

"Hello from the gal behind the flowers" I'm Ellen Cara Readio, owner and principle designer behind EllenCara Boulder. I'm delighted that you're here and hope you'll visit often. #organicflorals #sustainablepractices #respectnature This will be a hub to share helpful tips and inspirations for wedding and event planning grounded in earth-friendly values. [...]

Celebrating Winter 2020

Winter may just be getting started but our long dark nights are about to turn a bit brighter. Warm wishes to all for a peaceful night. "With freedom, books, flowers and the moon who could not be happy". Oscar Wilde

Christmas Celebrations – creating memorable holidays

Taking a slight diversion from strictly "weddings" to encompass all events scheduled around the Christmas holidays - here is the same secret: keep it lovingly manageable so you can enjoy your own celebration! Traditions and rituals converge but you don't have to do them all, just the ones that have [...]

So you’re planning a wedding/civil union?

Of all events in the course of our human life, a wedding commitment may be the richest... it is certainly monumental. Huge dreams are extended and big funds expended! It is curious to think that the ceremony can last as little as a few quick minutes and almost always less [...]

Whispers of Spring Wedding Show

Wedding expo today in Longmont; it's free and there are lots of little give-a-ways and big prizes! EllenCara Boulder won't be displaying but there will be dozens of local wedding professionals showcasing. Caterers, bakers, photographers, make up artists...  fashion shows, balloon drops and food and beverages to keep the guests [...]

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