“With your love as vast as the sea, your engagement was just meant to be”…

Merry Christmas Cheer

Feelings of HOPE FAITH PEACE LOVE COMPASSION May this wonderful time warm our hearts today and through the tomorrows...

First Day of Winter & December Brides

It's hard to believe that winter has arrived. There are stubborn roses still clinging to their branches just because they can. Winter whites continue to be my favorite palette in December. It's clean elegance fills me with calm and hopes of peace. I've especially enjoyed collaborating with my December brides [...]

Wedding Day Hair

So with summer 2012 memories lingering, on to fall nuptials! I am going to have breathing room in my schedule so can finally get to more regular blogging; no, really, I am making a commitment for computer time... may be over a cup of coffee or even a glass of [...]

Live with Passion

I may not be able to change the world with flowers, but I have certainly been able to beautify and bring joy through them. The real credit goes to Mother Nature, of course, for offering so much natural beauty. I am happy to share my talent of pulling together the [...]

Happiness Insurance

Whether it's a modest ceremony and intimate celebration or an over-the-top lavish event of the year, it's all about confidence with the plan. In the potentially nerve-racking last months before the big day, cling to common-sense, review the written plan and visualize....and take a breath, and maybe have a glass [...]

let them eat cake… or cupcakes, or pie, or ice cream, or …

Truly, there is no "right or wrong" in selecting the dessert to offer guests at a wedding. The traditional wedding cake is ... well, traditional. So if you and your partner are "thinking outside the box" with your wedding planning, consider what you really like and what will be a [...]

Idles of March

"A GROOM'S THOUGHTS": "Wakey wakey open your eyes, Today is the best day in both of our lives. Today we'll be joined in matrimony, Us together my Princess, you and me."... by Craig Astley    

Happy Valentine’s Day!

"Wine comes in at the lips, love comes in at the eye. That's all we will know for truth before we grow old and die. I hold the glass to my lips, I look at you and I sigh." W.B.Yates Young lovers to be married, old lovers celebrating anniversaries - [...]

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