“With your love as vast as the sea, your engagement was just meant to be”…

Idles of March

"A GROOM'S THOUGHTS": "Wakey wakey open your eyes, Today is the best day in both of our lives. Today we'll be joined in matrimony, Us together my Princess, you and me."... by Craig Astley    

Happy Valentine’s Day!

"Wine comes in at the lips, love comes in at the eye. That's all we will know for truth before we grow old and die. I hold the glass to my lips, I look at you and I sigh." W.B.Yates Young lovers to be married, old lovers celebrating anniversaries - [...]

A kiss…

This image (captured by the talented says volumes of the kiss... and true love. Check back soon for a glimpse inside this beautiful couples' wedding... Audrey and Clement at the Della Terra Mountain Chateau, Estes Park, Colorado.

Receptions- chic alternatives to a buffet dinner

More affordable options than a plated or buffet dinner may suite you and your pocket book.  Whether a country- style brunch or a garden setting luncheon, these daylight events tend to be delightfully memorable.  A brunch can be a sophisticated choice with your favorite dishes offered at food stations to promote [...]

Back to Basics

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue."  Dating back to the Victorian Era, this good luck saying is proof that "going green" was for the hip way back in the day. Recycling more than good old traditions, getting back to basics can take you all the way back to [...]

First snow falls

Summer couldn't possibly go on forever... although I was lost in that fantasy. The warm weather lingered and stalled and was thoroughly enjoyed for a good long spell. The lavender and rosemary has survived the chill but it's time to harvest the stragglers in the herb gardens. We are drying [...]

Elegant Wedding Showcase

Boulderado Hotel delivered again. A well hosted event drew in a nice crowd of couples in love, their family and friends. Compared to other wedding shows, the food was over the top and the hospitality to match. It is one of the few shows that also treats the vendors like [...]

Hotel Boulderado hosts a lovely bridal show Nov 7th

It's one of the classiest bridal shows in Colorado and it's FREE to brides and their guests. You can nibble tasty treats while chatting up ideas with top notch professionals who bring the very best in wedding planning. (EllenCara Boulder will be on the Mezzanine level in front of the [...]

Worth It

Enhance the beauty of your venue with your signature touches here and there around the site. Use lovely vases from your family's cabinets... or rent fabulous ones from your floral designer.

“The Green Bride Guide” is your survival kit in paperback!

Kate Harrison (environmentalist and Green Wedding Veteran) is a bride's best friend. She offers hundreds of eco-friendly choices and encouragement to eco-conscious couples to make their event more sustainable. Kate is delightfully engaging, sincere, fun, committed and realistic! She encourages couples to "Say "I do" and Save The Planet"... and [...]

Sexy Flowers

"Botanists estimate there are more than 240,000 types of flowering plants on Earth." (Most people can recognize thousands of logos of products yet cannot identity even a dozen local plant specimens.) However, as sensual human beings, we are attracted to the majesty of each flower's individual fragrance, color, and symmetry. [...]

Green Wedding Awareness Month

"Did you know the average wedding produces 63 tons of CO2 and 400-600 pounds of trash? The impact on the planet is substantial. The goal of the Greener Weddings Awareness campaign in April is to educate engaged couples about the importance of making eco-friendly choices in the planning process to [...]

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