The word “style” conjures up latest fashion magazines, designer-perfect settings, popular color trends usually following predetermined formulas. But in wedding planning, style is very personal. Letting your personal tastes and interests flow into the planning of your wedding  will unfold your “style” naturally. In other words, let your passions lead the way and your style will follow.

Formal weddings follow a myriad of time-honored customs, down to little details. The formal bridal party generally consists of four to twelve attendants: a maid and/or matron of honor and a best man, one usher for every 50 guests, flower girls and a ring bearer. Enlisting the help of a wedding consultant and coordinator for these lavish events makes sense for most couples.

Semi-formal weddings relax classic guidelines and tend to be less traditional and more innovative in design choices. The ceremony and reception can take place in a variety of locations, and both are often held at the same place.

Informal weddings come in all sizes and settings. While not necessarily less costly, these weddings offer a greater range of flexibility in everything from location to attire to cuisine. Many informal weddings do not feature sit down meals. Tapas, food stations and themed food trucks are gaining popularity.

Have fun planning the wedding of your dreams!