Whether it’s a modest ceremony and intimate celebration or an over-the-top lavish event of the year, it’s all about confidence with the plan. In the potentially nerve-racking last months before the big day, cling to common-sense, review the written plan and visualize….and take a breath, and maybe have a glass of wine and just enjoy the moment!

Sometimes, it’s everyone’s well meaning input that can derail the budget… and move excitement to stress. By six weeks out, close the magazines and skip the  reality (not!)  tv shows. Go back to looking at your gown and the beautiful color palette you’ve chosen. Pretty much everything, except maybe the exact guest count, should be pretty much decided. (So, if you haven’t secured your florist or cake baker, get on that right away!)

For every good plan, there should be a back-up. Having a solid contingency plan for outdoor events is crucial, so that you can sleep nights leading up to the big day. Always, always have a Plan B and put someone you trust in charge of making the call. Hopefully, the sun will shine on your day but in Colorado, be ready for weather surprises!

As the date gets close (2 weeks!) communicate with all your major players; check, recheck and reconfirm the details! Communication between vendors is also important so share contact information between the wedding team.

It’s common to feel a little “nervous” and question if “it’s enough”. Avoid the mistake of adding, adding, adding. $$$$$!  Remember, that it’s better to do a few things really really well than to have a long list of mediocrity.

In the end, you have already made the most important decision (“I do”) …


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