“Love is here to stay.”

Can you have more than one engagement party? Absolutely! Especially in these days of limited travel and smaller gatherings, more intimate events make perfect sense.

“We can’t imagine a more perfect pair. And a greater love, no two people share.”

As a general practice, engagement party invitations go out to close friends and relatives. The definition of  “close” is totally personal. Just remember, no matter the size of the guest list, everyone invited to the engagement party gets an invitation to the wedding.

“We’ve decided to share our two lives as one. We’re having an engagement party, And we hope that you will come.”

Typically, the engagement party occurs close to when the proposal is announced, usually within a couple of months anyway. But, who doesn’t acknowledge that this past year has been anything but typical? I’ll just suggest that it’s generally preferred to host the engagement party closer to the proposal announcement than to the wedding date.

“One of us said, “marry me”. The other said “yes!” So, now we’re engaged, and we feel so blessed.”

Your engagement party sets the tone for your wedding. It doesn’t have to follow it’s theme but in no way should outshine it. So, if you’re planning an informal wedding, your engagement party might stay on the casual side as well.

Let’s get this party started!

More on sending invitations and reserving the new date soon.

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