Did you know that October is internationally celebrated as “vegetarian month”- yep, all the way until November 1 which marks the beginning of “vegan month”.  I have been a “non-meat eater” for over 40 years but have never committed to a vegan diet other than the occasional “cleanse”. AND, I would never preach to another on what to eat or not to eat. (I live with a man who loves his steak rare!) But, if everyone would skip meat just one day a week… woop woop, what an impact on the planet! How about it? Consider Mondays a “meat free” day…  and spread the word. Just think of your favorite vegetarian lasagna or grilled portabello, wilted spinach salad with onion rings (yummm) or any other “comfort food” treat… bet you won’t even miss the beef?

So, what is this doing on my WEDDING blog?? Well, chances are you will have non-meat eaters at your reception too. Get your monies worth and make a quiet eco-conscious statement. Vegetarian dishes don’t have to be boring or lack appeal. Ask your caterer to throw down some sexy food options for your non-carnivorous friends! Bon Appetite!