Of all events in the course of our human life, a wedding commitment may be the richest… it is certainly monumental. Huge dreams are extended and big funds expended! It is curious to think that the ceremony can last as little as a few quick minutes and almost always less than an hour , with the reception typically scheduled between one and six hours, and yet the preparation consumes months, if not years, of planning and sometimes frantic time. 

The careful selection of the gown, dresses, tuxedos vs. suits, special shoes, items borrowed and blue starts the process of  the choreography of events… guest lists, venue, officiant, flowers, cakes, music, photography, videography, food, bar options, transportation… honeymoon destination…! What remains at the end of the glorious but short day is memories. Memories, so strong and well preserved with emotion that some 25 years later, the scent of that favorite flower or “that song” will evoke the full-blown scene.

Some of you are getting ready to walk down the aisle and will have advise to share. Others are just starting the planning for a big day in 2014. Keeping the fun in the planning can be part of that memory too. Keep it loving, real and plan it for the planet!

 Congratulations and the very best wishes to each of you for a fabulous day with wonderful memories with love everlasting.