Weddings Today 2021

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Weddings are so much more than just The Big Day – parties and celebrations usually start months ahead. In these dark days of Covid, many engagements are now entering their second year. So, while we can hardly wait to “get this party started” there’s ample time to consider (reconsider?) minute details and more incentive than ever to make sure “every little thing is gonna be alright”.

It might be a little fuzzy on how to jump start the engine and get going again. With Social Distancing and crowd size limitations, the Big Day may still look different in reality than your “Once Upon A Dream” wedding.

Dream Fulfillment… and planning weddings today without a crystal ball:

Nothing to fear. You aren’t alone. Help is just a shout away: enter Wedding Planners and Day Of Coordinators. While most of you are doing this for the first time, there is no shortage of professionals whom are dedicated to making your life easier and your wedding day go smoother. Message or text me. I’ll offer an unbiased opinion and recommendation on who’s hot and who’s not-so-much a good fit.

“All you need is Love and a Wedding Planner”…

“I don’t always stress out about wedding planning, but when I do it’s always at 1:00am when I have to be up at work at 6:00am”…

“When the guest list struggle is real, ‘Wine A Little’, you’ll feel better”…

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