Hello from the gal behind the flowers”

I’m Ellen Cara Readio, owner and principle designer behind EllenCara Boulder. I’m delighted that you’re here and hope you’ll visit often.

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This will be a hub to share helpful tips and inspirations for wedding and event planning grounded in earth-friendly values. Featuring floral design that is both elegant and compatible with sustainable practices, will reflect our passion and respect for nature.

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I’ll share poems, quotes and photos of beautiful floral arrangements and real people in the real world.  I also welcome questions related to eco-conscious wedding/event planning. I’ve been honored as a Green Wedding Floral Designer with an award of certification at the highest rating (5 leaves!). I have 29 years of experience for you to draw upon.

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Here I’ll be grounded with “recipes” and tidbits for varied tastes and all budgets. I hope to quickly bust the misnomer that “Planning it for the Planet“, means you have to sacrifice elegant design or luxury. Although I have an appetite for designs inspired by our gardens and nature, we’ll expand beyond the wildflower, country themes that aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. (Did I mention we grow chamomile?)  A keen eye for personalized perfection has always been my guiding light.

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“Counting my blessings and wishing you more…”

Lastly, despite being immersed in the cray-cray news spinning in our world today, I’m feeling upbeat and positive for what’s ahead. My healthy resolution to dial down the wine and cheese is even going strong. Enter Chocolove to the rescue.

I hope you’ll say “Hi“, share positivity, ask questions or give me a nudge for conversation topics in the comments section below. I deem this a kind of virtual “coffee klatch“.

1 Universe, 9 Planets, 204 Countries, 809 Islands, 7 Seas – and, I had the privilege of meeting You!

P.S. What’s your resolution and goal for 2021?